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These are the list of bones in skull that needs to be memorized:

  • frontal 
  • parietal 
  • occipital
  • temporal 
  • sphenoid
  • ethmoid


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An easy way to memorize the bones in skull is to remember: 

Occasionally Frantic PETS

  • Occipital - Occasionally 
  • Frontal - Frantic 
  • Parietal - P
  • Ethmoid - E
  • Temporal - T
  • Sphenoid - S

Extra Tip:

If you notice the ending of each bone, you can notice that it has a common pattern:

3 bones end with 'tal'
2 bones end with 'oid'
1 bone ends with 'ral'

Keep this pattern in mind to verify your list is correct and complete.

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Wow! This is amazing! Six bones in total found in the human skull. 3 ends in 'tal',2 ends in 'oid' and 1 ends in 'ral'.  "Occasionally Frantic PETS" !

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